The Working Workbook: Earning a Buck and Keeping It Coming

The Working Workbook: Earning a Buck and Keeping It Coming

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"Ms. Leon cuts through the typical corporate hiring rhetoric and goes straight for the methods and information that actually work. She has created an effective, no-nonsense guide for real people." - R.T. St. Claire, Director of Human Resources, The Good Intentions Paving Co.

"Camille Leon is one-of-a-kind, with lots of courage and good common sense. Here, she tackles some really tough questions - fearlessly. Agree or not, she'll make you think." - John Janda, The WorkPlace CA

"This book really gets to the heart of what it takes to get a job and keep a job in the 21st century." -Dianne Russell, Jamboree Housing Corporation

This book gives the job-seeker a birdÂ’s-eye view of the employerÂ’s thought process,with specific suggestions for overcoming unspoken concerns, and provides a guide for turning oneÂ’s life around at 18 or 58.

This book targets the issues and concerns of those who are unfamiliar with the employment world, either because theyÂ’re seeking their first job or a re-entry job after years of pursuing a variety of goals.

This book is for you if you are a survivorÂ… of drug and/or alcohol addiction, of poverty and welfare, of incarceration, of domestic violence, etc.