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Summer Jobs in Canada, 2004 Edition

Summer Jobs in Canada, 2004 Edition

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Looking for a summer job? Look no further! We've provided an exhaustive list of employers and organizations that offer the best summer jobs in the country. Ever considered being a camp counsellor, painter, landscaper or web technician? These and many other exciting summer positions are available to you!

Each job profile contains:
- Contact name and address
- Website
- Employer description
- Job information
- Types of positions
- How to apply

In addition you'll find:
- How to find a summer job
- How to get your Social Insurance Number (SIN)
- Job search tips throughout
- Job safety in the workplace

Discover thousands of paid summer jobs, where they are, and how to get them! Looking for a summer job has never been easier! Whether you are a high school, college or university student, this is the first and only book providing essential information on Summer Jobs in Canada!