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Comparative Environmental Economic Assessment

Comparative Environmental Economic Assessment

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Over the last decade, economists have increasingly recognized the role of meta-analysis and value transfer in synthesizing knowledge and efficiently exploiting the existing pool of knowledge. Comparative Environmental Economic Assessment explores the potential significance of using these techniques, particularly in environmental economics.

Both meta-analysis and value transfer constitute major research tools which efficiently use knowledge previously acquired from other studies. The book focuses on the potential role and usefulness of these tools in environmental economic research, and goes on to address their validity, relevance and applicability. A future agenda for research is also illustrated.

Combining methodological analysis with a variety of case studies - on aircraft noise, environmental policy in European space and urban energy policy, among others - the contributors present an illuminating examination of the utilization of meta-analysis and value transfer.

The insightful techniques highlighted in this book will prove invaluable in the field of environmental economics. Policymakers in various areas including the environment and planning will also find this state-of-the-art study interesting and informative.