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The Technology M&A Guidebook

The Technology M&A Guidebook

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The comprehensive, practical guide to buying, selling, and merging technology companies. The Technology M&A Guidebook provides executives and entrepreneurs interested in acquiring or selling a technology company with everything they need to know about the entire M&A process, from identifying target companies or buyers to financial analysis, due diligence, tax issues, valuation, and legal considerations.
This book explores specific issues that are unique to technology M&A: assessing the impact of technology sector high-change rates; market-driven product development; company culture issues; engineers as managers and managers as engineers; consumer and technical product differences; technology marketing issues; intellectual property considerations; Internet interaction; and more. It also provides detailed analyses of factors involved in acquiring companies from different sectors, including:
Semiconductor equipment and chip manufacturers;
PC/workstation and related hardware companies;
Software businesses;
Data networking and telecommunications firms;
Internet-related companies.