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Last Days of the Giants?: A Route Map for Big Business Survival

Last Days of the Giants?: A Route Map for Big Business Survival

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"Somewhere out there is a bullet with your companys name on it. Somewhere out there is a competitor, unborn and unknown, that will render your business model obsolete. Bill Gates knows that. When he says that Microsoft is always two years away from failure, hes not just blowing smoke… The hottest and most dangerous new business models out there are on the Web". Gary Hamel, Fortune Magazine. 1998

If you can positively identify with any of the following statements:

  • Current mergers and acquisitions activity will continue unabated well into the 21st century
  • Flashy internet start-ups cannot threaten our core activities built up over years of careful planning, research, branding and marketing
  • Our sheer size will protect us from the unpredictability of the next few years
  • We will manage our customers; they will not manage us
  • The government will always have the best interests of big business at heart
  • A long-term focus is the key to success
  • We do not see the value of outsourcing
  • Just because we are big, it doesnt mean we cannot move quickly
then you and your company may be in very serious trouble. Read Robert Baldocks survival guide for giants, before its too late… "An intriguling perspective on the ‘current futureof global business that few of todays giant corporations can afford to ignore". Dr Paul Taffinder, author of the acclaimed Big Change; winner of the 1999 MCA Business Management book of the year.