Activity-Based Cost Management in Government

Activity-Based Cost Management in Government

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You've heard about the enormous savings potential of Activity-Based Cost Management (ABC/M) - now it's time to put this powerful system to work in your organization. Get started today with the advice and strategies you'll find in Management Concepts' newest book, Activity-Based Cost Management in Government.

This 400+ page book guides you through every phase of activity-based accounting: from setting up a basic system through its organizational implementation. In one concise resource, you now have everything you need to streamline all aspects of your organization's costs and expenditures.

Written in easy-to-understand language and clearly illustrated, Gary Cokins' Activity-Based Cost Management in Government provides the financial techniques to:

-Determine the true and actual costs of services and cost rates
-Implement process improvements departmentally and organization-wide
-Evaluate the pros and cons of outsourcingand privatization decisions versus internal delivery
-Align financial and budgetary activities to the organization's mission and strategic plan