Incentive-Based Budgeting Systems in Public Universities

Incentive-Based Budgeting Systems in Public Universities

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Financial incentives play an important role in the behavior of public institutions of higher education. Incentive-Based Budgeting Systems in Public Universities examines alternative uses of these financial incentives, and reviews the consequences of their implementation.

The contributors to the book explore diverse areas including:

• faculty behavior in an incentive-based environment
• effects on teaching, evaluation of decentralized approaches to budgeting
• efficiency implications at the state level
• the ramifications of revenue flux on institutional behavior.

Case studies from the University of Toronto, the University of Michigan and Indiana University are also presented, and the volume concludes with recommendations regarding possible implementation strategies.

The first to analyze the implementation of various permutations of incentive based budgeting in public institutions of higher education, this book will be of enormous interest to policy makers,trustees, administrators and faculty members of these institutions. It will also appeal to those involved in higher education programs offering courses in the economics and finance of colleges and universities.