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How to Compete in the War for Talent : A Guide to Hiring the Best

How to Compete in the War for Talent : A Guide to Hiring the Best

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What is perhaps the biggest problem facing companies looking for new employees? Well, for many its finding the best candidates and winning the competition to convince those candidates that your offer is right for them. How do you become the winner in the war for talent these days? Well, it's not a walk in the park. Hiring the right person and retaining them once you land them is something that needs real thought and action. Now there is an expert that you can have work with you through the process. Carol Hacker, one of the country's leading authorities on employee interviewing, hiring, and retention has created a guide that will make even the best interviewer better at what they do. Remember: you only get one chance to impress the candidate -- just as they have typically only one chance to impress you. Why not be a winner from the very first moment the job interview begins?
Take the guesswork out of interviewing. Build a retention culture within your company. This book offers up some of the best tips and practical suggestions ever found in any book on the subject. Learn how to handle applicants who have resigned from previous jobs or were terminated. Find out how a mentor program within your company could help you retain those key employees who desparately want to hire. Learn the critical role diplomacy plays in your interviewing and negotiations. Become a winner in the war for talent!