Doing Business With Slovakia (Global Market Briefings Series)

Doing Business With Slovakia (Global Market Briefings Series)

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* Covers business practice and trading opportunities in Slovakia.

* Includes contributions from prestigious international editorial partners from the accounting, banking and legal worlds (Deloitte & Touche, Allen & Overy, Bank Austria Creditanstalt)

* Free online access to a dedicated website that gives purchasers of the book up-to-the minute information (with a unique password for each reader).

After the division of the former Czechoslovakia in 1993, Slovakia had to build up and introduce a central administration and central banking, monetary and tax systems. The final division of assets and gold reserves was completed in May 2000. Slovakia became the 30th member of OECD in December 2000 and, in November 2002, joined NATO. Negotiations to join the EU are nearing completion and accession is now firmly set for May 2004. Under the center-right pro-reform coalition government elected in September 2002, continuation of the country's economic integration and social reforms seems assured.

"Doing Business with Slovakia" provides an authoritative appraisal of the new economic and investment climate, an up-date on market potential in the key sectors, and unique 'best practice' advice on all aspects of investing in or trading with Slovakia.

Thesector profiles have been commissioned from leading Slovak corporations and government agencies. Legal topics are covered by Allen & Overy; and accounting, auditing, taxation etc. by Deloitte and Touche. Groupe Coface provides an invaluable assessment of trading risk. Material for the banking and financial service sectors is provided by Bank Austria, and the Merchant International Group covers local corporate intelligence. Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) and U.S. Steel Kosice (USS) also provide further material.