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Doing Business With Malta (Global Market Briefings Series)

Doing Business With Malta (Global Market Briefings Series)

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"Doing Business with Malta" is the first book of its kind to offer a comprehensive introduction to the country's commercial and investment climates through commissioned articles from Maltese state agencies and private corporations. It provides a thoroughbackground to the Maltese economy and coverage of the scope of the market, as well as a survey of the financial sector, tax, law, and business development. Offering leading-edge expertise from some of the world's top professional advisers and companies, it contains revealing case studies, key statistics and essential directory information, making it an invaluable and authoritative guide for any organization wanting to invest and trade in Malta.

Contributors include: AVMT Advocates, Economic and Management Consultancy Services Ltd., Institute for the Promotion of Small Enterprise Limited, Malta External Trade Corporation Ltd, Malta Financial Services Centre, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Malta Development Corporation, Malta Business Weekly.