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The World's Economy Today: Trends, Prospects and OECD Statistics 2003

The World's Economy Today: Trends, Prospects and OECD Statistics 2003

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The 30 countries of the OEAD represent the heart of the developed world. Its database of economic, environmental and social statistics is one of the richest and most respected available and is unrivalled as a guide to global development. This influentialnew publication draws out trends from the statistics and looks at future prospects through a series of authoritative commentaries from leading members of the OEAD, relevant NGO`s and some of the world’s leading professional service firms, banks and international corporations. Content includes: Future indicators; Performance of OEAD economies; Emerging & transition economies: Finance, investment & privatization; Sustainable development; Corporate governance & accountability; Competition; Regulatory reform; Tax; Money laundering; Bribery & corruption; Enterprise; E-commerce; Information & communications technology; Science & innovation; Education & skills; Employment: migration & mobility; Health; Social inclusion; Pensions and the ageing society; Management of public services; Energy; environment; Transport. Planned as an annual overview, the OEAD YEARBOOK 2002 will be an essential reference source for boardrooms, government strategists and decision-makers worldwide.