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Global Justice (Metaphilosophy Special Issues)

Global Justice (Metaphilosophy Special Issues)

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The dramatic political, economic, and technological changes of the last decade raise new moral challenges for politicians, citizens, and academics. Who has what responsibilities in regard to rights violations, life-threatening poverty, and mounting inequality? What priorities should the strongest societies set for the coming decades? There is a huge gap between the prevailing global political and economic realities and the prevalent moral beliefs about what a tolerably just global order should look like.How can this gap be explained? And how, if at all, should normative academic work take account of it?

In this thought-provoking volume, contributors from several countries discuss the central moral issues arising in the emerging global order, seeking to bring the theoretical insights of our moral traditions to bear on the complex and evolving international politics of the new millennium.

This volume will be invaluable for academics and practitioners who, confronted with the many trends of globalization, seek not merely an empirical understanding but also moral orientation.