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Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City

Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City

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What does it mean to be political in an age of postmodernisation and globalisation? Where former debates on globalisation have so far remained polarised between purely economic perspectives, political perspectives that are resolutely state-centric, and sociological perspectives that narrowly focus on the role of global cities, Politics in the Global City focuses on the controversial, neglected theme of citizenship. Engin F. Isin examines the changing role of citizens; their rights, obligations and responsibilities as members of nation-states and the issue of accountability in a global society. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Politics in the Global City is an innovative and influential collection of essays, featuring contributions from Robert A. Beauregard, Anna Bounds, Janine Brodie, Richard Dagger, Gerard Delanty, Judith A. Garber, Robert J. Holton, Warren Magnusson, Raymond Rocco, Nikolas Rose, Evelyn S. Ruppert, Saskia Sassen, Bryan S. Turner, John Urry, Gerda R. Wekerle and Nira Yuval-Davis.