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Metropolitan Wichita: Past, Present, and Future

Metropolitan Wichita: Past, Present, and Future

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This volume presents a thorough, analytical examination of the city of Wichita. Eight contributors--specialists in political science, urban affairs, sociology, economics, and business--discuss the city's development, current problems, and future potential. They dispel the nineteenth-century cattle town stereotype and reveal a vibrant, progressive city.

This informative study provides a wealth of material on Wichita's history, population composition, educational opportunities, labor force, financial structure, industry, commerce, and politics. It will help residents of Wichita gain a deeper understanding of their city, and will give outsiders an in-depth look at Wichita as a place in which to live and work. In addition, as a study of one city's evolution from cow town to regional center, it will be of interest to students of urban development across the nation.