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A 21st Century of Maximum Civilization or Chaotic-Anarchy and Epidemics

A 21st Century of Maximum Civilization or Chaotic-Anarchy and Epidemics

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There are two diametrically different wolds on earth. One is well defined by the high quality of life resulting from wealth and a high living standard, the other the exact opposite. The two run in parallel, the latter dreaming of the former, but the former rarely thinking of the latter. In these two so different worlds people view their problems and those of others through their individual cognitive map. Those lucky to live well view the problems of the others, the unlucky, as non-consequential to them. Disease, hunger, crime, drug abuse, strife and death from misery and war are the problems of those others becoming of consequence to the lucky only when they are not easily bypassed. Even then, the lucky think of the unlucky as that they are themselves the causes of their troubling misery. In past centuries the latter was resulting from their inferiority as people and races. Today misery is a problem caused by their backwardness, lack of education, corruption and! lack of ability to manage their lives and social affairs. Apparently, they never cease to be the causes of chaos and social or medical epidemics. In the minds of westerners they are the victims of their democratically weak states and tyrant leaders followed without resistance. But democracy anda strong state are bought by real money, and this money belongs to the West exploiting for centuries the limited resources of the planet. When the poor live in misery, threatening the rich with revolution, terrorism or fundamentalism, the rich look for ways to divert chaotic-anarchy and epidemics from their backdoor, and use it to keep busy those threatening them.

In this modern world of technologically created perceptions and wars, life for the lucky seems worthy of protection. They spend wealth forlife's protection and prolongation, promising the same to those whose have yet to experience even the very minimum pleasure of food and shelter. What is and who are responsible for the future of the lucky world and the misfortune of the unlucky?

Thisbook analyses briefly the role of state in the management of the social problems, chaotic-anarchy and epidemics. It analyses capitalism, democracy and their social benefits. It analyses the role of technology, as the right hand of the New World Order, anorder that few understand and many wonder about. It analyses the influence of the previous on the definition of epidemic disease in history, today and the future, proposing new semantic terms to describe it and looking for the factors defining them. It analyses the source of factors defining epidemics that is really the low standard of living causing competition for the limited wealth on earth, thus chaotic-anarchy and its consequence socioeconomic epidemics. Poverty is the permanent social condition of 80% of earth's exponentially increasing population. A poor mass of people searching survival by overexploiting their environment limited not only by their numbers, but also voracious transnational corporations, media for! wealth accumulation by Western and westernized capitalists. A wounded environment by the byproducts of civilization and modernity is endangered further by the survival needs of most people on earth. Those exhausted by their effort to live in the countryside, poor and dying, move in places promising them the fulfillment of some of their dreams. They migrate to where wealth seems tangible either knocking on the closed doors of the feudal castles of the few or moving into poor megacities. There, many choke from human congestion and urban misery and its consequences. Few others join the groups cheaply selling them hopes. They become followers of spiritual leaders teaching them to claim their perceived rights in life, or crime groups seeking their perceived happiness coming from wealth. Bothneed the means to fight for their perceived causes, and war technology promises them success. Amongst the means to fight future wars minute biological weapons waiting for chaotic-anarchy to cause epidemics to the enemy. What is then the History of the 21st Century and who will manage it?