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The European Union: A Critical Guide

The European Union: A Critical Guide

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The political dynamics of the European Union can often appear confusing, shrouded as they are in complex legislative processes. This book offers a clear and thorough critical introduction to the origins, development and current direction of the EU, and pinpoints the major policy debates animating decision-makers.

Offering a well-illustrated analysis of each of the EU's major policy areas, Steven P. McGiffen places them in the context of the economic, political and philosophical bases that underpin thearguments both for and against the EU. Subjects covered include enlargement, internal and external security, the Euro, trade, the environment, employment, transport and regional policy. He explains how and why the debate about membership is frequently and falsely presented as if it were a conflict between "nationalism" and "internationalism", and argues instead that the EU is merely one of a number of possible solutions to the economic and political problems facing Europe.