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Global Trends and Global Governance

Global Trends and Global Governance

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"Global Trends and Global Governance" is a concise and practical guide that explains the key political, economic, ecological and social factors that shape the process of globalization. Written in a clear and accessible style, it is an indispensable handbook for activists, civil servants, policy researchers, and anyone interested in getting involved in political action.

Packed with useful data, the book includes analysis of the US economy and US foreign policy as part of a wider critique of UN-unilaterlism, revealing the need to establish more cooperative and inclusive forms of global politics. Public action, such as the organized protests in Seattle and Prague, and the demonstrations at the environment summit in the Hague, are now having an impact onthe way that the world is governed. Addressing this changing situation, and the implications that it holds for human security, the contributors analyze ways in which we can evolve new ways of working together to cope with problems of a transnational nature.