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Survival for a Small Planet: The Sustainable Development Agenda

Survival for a Small Planet: The Sustainable Development Agenda

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Survival for a Small Planet brings together dozens of the leading experts from around the world in a "post-WSSD" analysis of the prospects for sustainable development on all the major policy fronts including security, finance, urban governance, radical partnerships, migration, health, access to resources and the role of markets. The distinguished group of authors examines the contributions that governments, business and civil society can each make to improve our prospects and they set out the agenda for those working to achieve sustainable world.

This is essential reading and a vital resource for all those involved in researching and implementing sustainability at all levels and in all places.

A free CD-ROM is included containing civil society documents from the WSSD process produced by over 500 organizations in 80 countries.

Contributors include: Maria Adebowale, Tariq Banuri, Stephen Bass, Keith Bezanson, Tom Bigg, Roberto Bissio, Nicola Borregard, Chris Church, Barry Dalal-Clayton, Mark Halle, Saleemul Huq, Paul Kapelus, Rafi Khan, Marianne Kjellen, James Mayers, Gordon McGranahan, Jeffrey McNeely, Charles McNeill, Kalyani Menon-Sen, Liliana Miranda, Adil Najam, Yelena Panina, Jan Pronk, David Satterthwaite, Sara Scherr, Youba Sokona, Cecilia Tacoli, Simon Upton, Sonja Vermeulen, Bill Vorley.