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International Marketing- Consuming Globally, Thinking Locally

International Marketing- Consuming Globally, Thinking Locally

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International Marketing: Consuming Globally, Thinking Locally has been written for students taking a modular or one semester course in international marketing. In this book, Andrew McAuley examines key aspects of international marketing from the perspective of SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), as well as MNCs (multinational companies). He includes numerous examples throughout the text that describe the experiences of both SMEs and MNCs. Examples and case studies are provided that illustrate situations faced by marketers in the international marketplace e.g. market entry decisions, international expansion decisions, the use of strategic alliances, dealing with distributors, and issues raised in cross cultural negotiations.

  • Examines the experiences and practices of SMEs throughout the text
  • Provides an appreciation of the influence of culture on international marketing decisions
  • Critical incidents are used throughout the book to illustrate variousaspects of international marketing practice
  • Includes a range of case studies drawn from different countries that discuss both business and consumer products
Supplementary materials for lecturers adopting International Marketing can be found onthe web site.