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Ibn Khaldun: An Essay in Reinterpretation

Ibn Khaldun: An Essay in Reinterpretation

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This is the third, slightly revised edition of this book, after 1981 Frank Cass and 1990 Routledge. Since its first publication, Al-Azmeh’s book has established itself as the major new interpretation of Ibn Khaldûn’s work.

Ibn Khaldûn (1332 Tunis – 1406 Cairo) was a great figure of Arab-Islamic letters and of historical thought overall, is a figure on a par with Thucydides, Herder, Vico and others of similar stature.

The Middle East Journal: "Even those who disagree with Dr. Al-Azmeh's demystification of Ibn Khaldûn will have to admit that his "reinterpretation" is provocative and profound."

Starting with an interpretation of Ibn Khaldûn's narration of history in the context of classical Arabic historical writing, the author's interpretation then moves on to a meticulous reconstruction of Ibn Khaldûn's conception of history. The book then goes on to sketch the content and structure of Ibn Khaldûn's most celebrated work, the Muqaddima. The book ends with "bibliographic orientations" for the help of the reader.