Managing Global Financial and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk

Managing Global Financial and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk

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Praise for Managing Global Financial and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk

"From caplets and corridors to perps and wild card options, Homaifar covers the details and the essentials of the foreign exchange and futures markets. This is a thorough, detailed, yet readable and clear treatment of foreign exchange and futures markets."
––George M. McCabe
Professor of Finance, University of Nebraska
Editor, Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics

"Professor Homaifar’s book does an excellent job of explaining in practical terms the application of options and futures in managing risk. The examples in the book provide an excellent way for students and professionals to gain experience in working realistic problems."
––Dr. Billy Helms
Professor and Department Chair
College of Commerce and Business Administration, The University of Alabama

"Professor Homaifar has the knack of reducing esoteric and arcane concepts into terms that anyone who teaches courses in risk management or is a practitioner in risk management can understand and apply. I highly recommend this book."
––Dr. Ken Hollman
Professor and Holder of the Tommy Martin Chair of Insurance
Middle Tennessee State University

"Managing Global Financial and Foreign Exchange Risk provides clear and lucid explanations of what students often find is the most difficult subject matter in finance. In addition, the book is well written and thorough. Highly recommended."
––Harold A. Black
James F. Smith Jr. Professor in the Department of Finance
University of Tennessee