Hanging Together: Cooperation and Conflict in the Seven-Power Summits

Hanging Together: Cooperation and Conflict in the Seven-Power Summits

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For more than a decade the leaders of the United States, Japan, Western Europe and Canada have met annually to discuss international economic and political issues. Hanging Together analyses the history of these seven-power summits and the relations between the Western allies during these turbulent years.

New chapters in this edition relate the story of Western economic diplomacy in the Reagan years. They give lucid accounts of the revamped international economic strategy after 1984 and of how the Europeans and Japanese reacted to it. A new introduction and conclusion place the summits in a theoretical framework.

`The most comprehensive and scholarly account yet of these ritual summer get-togethers.' -- New York Times BookReview

`An excellent book, one that all who are interested in the international affairs of the past decade or in the evolution of international institutions and the international political economy must read.' -- American Journal of International Law

`If world economic interdependence has one grand symbol, it is the economic summit, the annual get-together in glamorous castles and chateaux of the Heads of State and Government of the major industrial nations. In their crisp and concise work, an American academic and a British diplomat have collaborated to provide a most valuable combination of insight and analysis into this relatively new but relatively unique institution....This book will be an invaluable guide for those attending, those covering and those trying to understand this remarkable institution.' -- Michael D Mosettig