The Crisis Manual for Emerging Countries

The Crisis Manual for Emerging Countries

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"The Crisis Manual for Emerging Countries" deals with the reasons why Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia and Brazil all suffered economic and financial crises dramatically shortly after deciding to participate more intensively in the global marketplace. Why? Did they open their borders too soon? Can we blame the information Age? Globalization? In this book, Professor Rolf Mario Treuherz, Ph.D., a visiting scholar at Stanford University presents:

1. a detailed and critical analysis of these countries' economic crises;

2. pros and cons of globalization and liberalization and their effects upon sovereignty, income distribution, unemployment and human rights;

3. extensive explanations about exchange regimes;

4. the framework, role and responsibilities of worldwide organizations and regional trade organizations;

5. warning signs and preventive measures. It is important reading for graduate and undergraduate students and professors in International Economics andFinance, Asian and Latin American Studies, Political Science, Economic History and Policy. It is also of special interest to investment banks, stock exchange brokers, international financial consultants and transnational companies with assets in emergingcountries.