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Responding to Globalisation

Responding to Globalisation

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The new challenges and opportunities created by the spread of globalization have reshaped both institutional and individual responses to this phenomenon. This comprehensive analysis of the way in which governments and firms have responded to globalization examines closely the options available to both, and the historical and institutional contexts to the strategic decisions made.

Responding to Globalization draws together a panel of international experts in a conceptually rigorous examination of the profound impact of globalization. Subjects covered include:

* The international monetary system after the Euro
* The effect on the Japanese software industry
* The dynamics of globalization strategy in South Korea
* Australian integration into the global economy
* The impact on Russia in its move towards a market economy

This rigorous survey, and companion volume to Coping with Globalization, focuses on the political, ideological and economic factors lying behind responses to globalization. It is essential reading for all those interested in globalization, international relations or international political economy.