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Japanese Employment and Labor Law

Japanese Employment and Labor Law

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This book describes the many new developments in Japanese employment and labor laws since the earlier translation. There have been many important adaptations to Japanese "labor law," including developments in collective labor relations, union organization, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, collective bargaining, and unfair labor practices, issues known in the United States as "employment law."

The first edition of this English language translation of Professor Sugeno's treatise was published a little overten years ago. Approximately half of the present translation consists of material not contained in the earlier English-language edition.

Major changes in employment law addressed in the book include: sex discrimination in employment, childcare and nursing-care leaves, workers' accident compensation, flexible work schedules, tentative hiring decisions, minimum wages, maximum hours, occupational health and safety, tort recoveries, and corporate reorganizations.

With the same blend of astute economic and legal analysis he displayed in the earlier edition, Professor Sugeno examines the new developments in both employment and labor law in Japan.