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The Globalization of the Chinese Economy

The Globalization of the Chinese Economy

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The contributors to this volume provide updated accounts of recent developments in the Chinese economy and examine the implications of China’s accession to the WTO for the rest of the world. Firstly, the volume offers an overview of possible changesin industrial policies and analyzes new developments in some important sectors, including agriculture, telecommunications and automobiles. It addresses the key concerns in China regarding its entry into the WTO, such as whether the WTO membership will cause massive unemployment and/or exacerbate inequalities among regions. Finally, it evaluates the implications of increased trade and financial ties with China for the rest of the world, investigating the conditions facilitating foreign direct investment in China and assessing potential trade disputes as trade between China and the rest of the world grows.

The Globalization of the Chinese Economy provides a comprehensive picture of the political, economic and social environment in China as a whole. It will be of particular interest to academics of Asian studies and international relations as well as policymakers in the US, China and other Western economies.