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Ideas for the New Millennium

Ideas for the New Millennium

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As the technological and information revolutions continue to transform our lives, the world is moving towards a planetary society. The forces of globalization are creating greater interdependence between individuals, enterprises, communities and nations,leading to a new culture that Peter Ellyard calls 'Planetism'. The values of 'Planetism'-the values of the 'spaceship culture'-will, he argues, shape the global market-place of the early twenty-first century. In Ideas for the New Millennium, Ellyard provides a vision for human prosperity in the next century. About 70 per cent of the job categories, products and services of our Planetist future have yet to be invented, and great opportunities exist for innovators with a vision for this future. He argues that the world needs more 'leaders'-that is, people who have the vision and energy to direct change-and fewer 'managers'-that is, people who simply react to change. We can do well economically, he argues, by doing good environmentally. In urging the creation of an ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable Planetist society in the twenty-first century, Ellyard offers a challenging vision not only for our own future but for that of our children, our grandchildren and the generations to come.