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Transatlantic Governance in the Global Economy

Transatlantic Governance in the Global Economy

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Transatlantic trade and direct investment now surpass two trillion dollars. U.S. and EU officials increasingly contact each other to coordinate common actions and respond to conflicts over their respective domestic regulatory policies. This important book examines the record of transatlantic economic relations in the 1990s, and in particular the efforts by the United States and the European Union, through the New Transatlantic Agenda, to establish new forms of governance to cope with increasing economic interdependence. The authors explain the development of transatlantic cooperation, culminating in the multi-leveled governance mechanisms of the NTA. They assess, as well, central questions about the nature of transatlantic governance, as reflected in competing international relations theories of intergovernmental, transgovernmental (technocratic), and transnational (civil society) relations. Bringing together leading scholars from political science and law, the book provides a rich mix of analytic and normative perspectives. As the first study to document the recent major changes in transatlantic relations in the context of broader, generalizable theories of international governance, this book will be an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and policymakers alike.