EMU Explained: The Impact of the Euro

EMU Explained: The Impact of the Euro

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This completely revised and updated edition of EMU Explained offers readers a clear and concise explanation of how EMU was achieved, how it will work and how it will transform economic, political and public life. The book sets out the history behind Europe's ambitious project, looks at the institutions charged with managing the single currency and examines its implications and how Europe's partners in the U.S. and Asia view the project. Key issues are:

the "ins," the "outs" and the EMU hopefuls European society and the euro how businesses will adapt to the euro the European Central Bank and policy coordination the euro's impact on the investment community risks and benefits of the EMU project.

The forward, from European Central Bank President Wim Duisenberg, sets the scene, exploring the challenges of setting monetary policy for a diverse region comprising 11 distinct countries. Extensive appendices provide useful reference material and a detailed glossary explains the terminology and jargon surrounding monetary union.

The introduction, from leading academic Christopher Taylor, looks at the historical lessons and origins of monetary union, while the core of the book is composed of detailed analysis by specialist Reuters correspondents based in the world's major financial centers.

EMU Explained was the first in-depth guide to offer an impartial and comprehensive overview of the many implications of monetary union. This second edition provides a completely updated view ofhow the euro will affect you and your organization.