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Business, Economics, and Finance with Matlab, GIS, and Simulation Models

Business, Economics, and Finance with Matlab, GIS, and Simulation Models

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Although there are hundreds of books about MATLAB, there are no books that fully explore its value in the field of business economics. Few books describe how geographic information can be explicitly incorporated in business decisions, or explain how sophisticated MATLAB applications can be provided to users via the Internet using a remote-hosted, thin client environment.Business, Economics and Finance with MATLAB, GIS and Simulation Models responds by providing a unique overview of sophisticated businessand financial applications. This book describes models that have been developed for facing the challenges of finance, retail sales, taxes, location, economic impact, public policy, and other issues that executives, investors, and economists confront on adaily basis. It also offers groundbreaking insight into the many calculation and modeling tools that can be remotely hosted and run over the Internet, resulting in substantial user benefits and cost savings. Many techniques and models directly incorporate geographic information and GIS into the analysis in a way that was impossible until quite recently. Some techniques, such as fuzzy logic, retail sales, and Simulink economic impact models are described for the first time in print in this book.By following this blueprint, you will be able to direct tremendously higher amount of computational power toward the challenges that confront your business.