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Stats To Go (Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism (Butterworth-Heinemann).)

Stats To Go (Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism (Butterworth-Heinemann).)

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'Stats to Go' is a user-friendly guide for hospitality, leisure and tourism students who need to learn statistics and statistical techniques.

'Stats to go' is an ideal companion to hospitality, leisure and tourism studies as the breadth of coverage supports all taught numerical aspects of these types of course. Examples from hospitality, leisure and tourism organizations:
* licensed premises
* fast food outlets
* hotels
* theme parks
and their environments are used to illustratekey issues of the text.

The area of quantitative methods is one which many students find unapproachable or daunting. With the use of a clear learning structure, and a user friendly, non-theoretical approach, Buglear has created a text which students and lecturers alike will find indispensable.

Minimal use of technical language and provides clear definitions of essential terms and notations
Employs thematic and illustrative examples based on a variety of hospitality contexts
Emphasises'interpretation' rather than 'technique'