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Analyzing Safety System Effectiveness (Industrial Health & Safety)

Analyzing Safety System Effectiveness (Industrial Health & Safety)

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There used to be a specific safety analysis model to follow that fit all situations, but more and more, that thinking is being replaced by a more practical, adaptive approach based on specific personnel, functions, and the facilities involved. Dan Petersen captures this new way of thinking in his completely updated and revised classic reference, Analyzing Safety System Effectiveness . Establishing a three-part paradigm, he uses a step-by-step approach safety professionals can use to develop flexible new plans for analyzing the physical, managerial, and behavioral aspects of their existing safety programs:
  • "Analyzing Safety Performance" describes the various ways to effectively analyze performance.
  • "The Areas to Analyze" looks at specific ways of evaluating management and staff skills and behavior.
  • "The Change Process" examines the processes of interpreting results, devising plans, and implementing change.