Money and Power: The History of Business

Money and Power: The History of Business

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Where there’s greed and ambition, you’ll find . . .

Money & Power

"The project reveals a sharp eye for details and even sharper personalities. . . .The book tells stories with colorful messages."
–Toronto Globe and Mail

"Quite intriguing."

"Money and Power offers essential insight into the forces that drive the West’s great economic engine."
–Executive Edge, Continental magazine

"Refreshingly simple . . . intriguing tales."
–Business 2.0

"A gripping journey."
–PA Centre Daily Times

"Means extracts some valuable lessons for today."
–Fort Worth Star-Telegram

This companion book to CNBC’s acclaimed documentaryMoney and Power provides an expansive global view of the moguls and dynasties that have defined business in the last millennium. Deftly tracing the movement of trade, banking, industry, and commerce from East to West, from ancient times to modern, it offers important lessons that are of timeless value–and inspiration for the next generation of groundbreakers and visionaries of business.