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Cheap Ways To...

Cheap Ways To...

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Cheap Ways To... isn't really about being cheap. While recycling is good, this book doesn't advocate using Wal-Mart bags for your trash cans, using coffee grounds twice, avoiding flushing the toilet or taking advantage of other people's generosity. The fun, innovative ideas found in Cheap Ways To... are designed to help you make your resources stretch a little further while avoiding, or escaping, the pitfalls of mass consumerism and credit card debt. The book is really about embracing a simpler life and growing in your appreciation of the little things.

Get tips on cheap ways to ... Travel. Buy a computer. Entertain. Buy a car. Decorate. Plan a wedding. Buy groceries. Have a baby. Find a pet. Get a Master's degree. Buy clothes. Help the needy. Invest. And many more.