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How to Grow When Markets Don't

How to Grow When Markets Don't

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From two vanguards of global strategy consulting comes this eye-opening look at the business dilemma of unsustainable growth--along with insights on what companies can do to stimulate consistent profits. Though most companies claim to be growth oriented,surprisingly few actually achieve double-digit growth--and over the past 10 years, that percentage has steadily decreased. In HOW TO GROW WHEN MARKETS DON'T, Adrian Slywotzky and Richard Wise examine this problem and offer real solutions, including how to fully map customers' higher- order needs and ways to get investors to change their thinking. They also offer methods to enhance existing asset bases through acquisitions, partnerships, and licensing, and suggest that companies learn not to depend on theCEO to solve the growth crisis. Creating sustained growth in company value has never been an easy task--in fact, it's getting more and more difficult in today's economic climate--and HOW TO GROW WHEN MARKETS DON'T addresses the need for solid and sensible advice.