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Ford & ISO 14001: The Synergy Between Preserving the Environment and Rewarding Shareholders

Ford & ISO 14001: The Synergy Between Preserving the Environment and Rewarding Shareholders

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Ford Motor Company has saved millions of dollars since becoming the first automaker to certify all of its manufacturing facilities worldwide to the ISO 14001 international standard on Environmental Management Systems in 1998.

Ford & ISO 14001 chronicles the successful strategy developed by the automaker to achieve compliance in more than 140 manufacturing sites worldwide, while maintaining a focus on bottom-line lessons that can be applied to companies of any size. Includes dozens of sample documents.

Having been called the best ISO 14001 implementation guide on the market by leading experts, Ford & ISO 14001 is designed to enhance efforts in training, implementation, and tracking performance related to an ISO 14001-based Environmental ManagementSystem no matter what the company size or industry. It includes an entire sample EMS manual and dozens of system documents that users are free to adapt in their own company, potentially saving thousands of dollars and countless hours of development time.

ISO 14001 establishes universally accepted requirements for environmental management that have been adopted and sanctioned by standards bodies in most industrialized nations. The presence of an ISO 14001 certificate informs purchasers that companies have a general policy to address, among other things, prevention of pollution and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Purchasers are assured that a company has a management system to achieve its environmental objectives and targets, and a structure to help it improve the management system through corrective and preventive actions and training.