Managing the Risks of Payments Systems

Managing the Risks of Payments Systems

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Identify and manage payment risk

The risks of payment systems have dramatically evolved…new laws, new technologies, new threats combined with the chronic problems of error, fraud, and security. Treasury and banking executives and their counsel ignore these risks at their peril. "We didn’t know" is no excuse.

Managing the Risks of Payment Systems is the up-to-date, practical, authoritatively complete guide to managing the risks of payment systems. These risks are identified and described, and "how to manage" these risks is explained. Some examples are:

  • Check fraud problems
  • Wire transfers and liability for fraud and errors
  • Automated clearinghouse payments (ACH) and its rules
  • Who is liable for what?
  • Do’s and don’ts for banking agreements
  • Commerce and payments in cyberspace–security, money laundering, privacy rights
  • Payment systems disruptions, backup, physical security

The coauthors are recognized authorities. This book consolidates their professional and practical experience into a comprehensive and reliable desk reference.