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Project Financing : 7th edition

Project Financing : 7th edition

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The eagerly awaited 7th edition of this best-selling guide to project financing is now available. Fully updated and revised the new book includes numerous examples and case-studies, including the Eurotunnel, Dabhol and Hubco deals. These illustrate key issues such as government and multilateral guarantees, risk allocation and effective project structuring, and integrated capital market financings. The book's layout has also been completely redesigned to make it easier and quicker for you to access its detailed analysis.

Comprehensive and practical, the book examines the key criteria for success: choosing financial advisers and banks, types and sources of equity and debt finance, types of risk and risk appraisal, leasing issues, construction financing, Exim finance, credit appraisal, political risk and guarantees and risk management with swaps and interest rate futures.

After more than 20 years this book is still the acknowledged standard text on project financing. It is an invaluable manual whichshould be on every project financier's desk.

7th ed edition