Investment Leadership : Building a Winning Culture for Long-Term Success (Wiley Finance)

Investment Leadership : Building a Winning Culture for Long-Term Success (Wiley Finance)

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"Marshals a prodigious quantity of theoretical and empirical insights into the investment industry . . . "
–Theodore Aronson
Chair of the AIMR Board of Governors

Praise for Investment Leadership

"Investment Leadership presents an insightful and intelligent description of the cultural issues in the investment industry. This work is a must-read for investment professionals as it provides a thought-provoking shift from ‘what we do’ to ‘how we do it.’"
–E. David Coolidge III, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
William Blair and Company

"We all know, intuitively, that the investment managers who don’t care about their people, don’t care about their clients, or don’t care about new ideas and innovation are destined to fail eventually. Investment Leadership is the first book to rigorously study the corporate cultures that can form a foundation for success in investment management. I view it as ‘must-reading’ for anyone who seriously wants to succeed in institutional investment management."
–Robert D. Arnott Chairman, First Quadrant, LP
and Editor, Financial Analysts Journal

"In the midst of a challenging environment for investment firms, the authors strike at the very core of the industry’s issues with culture. With common sense backed by analytical research, Investment Leadership exposes the myths that have characterized corporate America for too long–identifying the core values of successful companies and thereby redefining the future of an industry."
–John W. Rogers Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Ariel Capital Management, Inc./Ariel Mutual Funds

"Investment Leadership highlights many issues which are at the heart of managing an investment firm. It is very hard to get these core organizational values right and keep them relevant over time. This book has given me a number of tools which will help me in my role."
–Glenn R. Carlson, CFA, Co-Chief Executive Officer
Brandes Investment Partners, LLC

"Investment Leadership fills a big void in the industry by providing us with an understanding of the key ingredients of investment leadership. It is a must-read for all investment professionals who aspire to a higher standard of leadership."
–Harry Marmer, Senior Vice President, Institutional Investment Services
Franklin Templeton Institutional