Risk Arbitrage: An Investor's Guide

Risk Arbitrage: An Investor's Guide

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The current wave of corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and similar transactions has created unprecedented opportunities for those versed in contemporary risk arbitrage techniques. At the same time, the nature of the current merger wave has lent such transactions a much higher degree of predictability than ever before, making risk arbitrage more attractive to investors of every stripe. Yet, surprisingly, there continues to be a near-total lack of instructional material for those interested in learning the latest risk arbitrage techniques.

Now, in the first insider's guide to risk arbitrage to appear since Ivan Boesky's 1985 classic, Merger Mania, one of Wall Street's most successful risk arbitrageurs draws upon his three decades of experience to arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to know to make this powerful investment strategy work for you.

Taking a systematic approach, Keith M. Moore gets you quickly up to speed on basic risk arbitrage concepts, terminology, and equations.He then walks you, step-by-step, through all the elements of the risk arbitrage process. And, with the help of numerous case studies and vignettes, he describes a complete methodology for safely navigating your way through the world of risk arbitrage. From researching prospects and determining your position, to hedging and trading tactics, Moore arms you with the full complement of sophisticated risk arbitrage techniques with which he has consistently realized substantial returns for his clients and himself.

Risk Arbitrage is must reading for finance and investment professionals who want to take advantage of the nearly limitless opportunities afforded by today's rapidly changing global business environment.

Keith M. Moore is Managing Partner of Jupiter Capital LLC, a hedge fund specializing in risk arbitrage. Prior to founding Jupiter Capital, he was a partner at Neuberger Berman, in charge of that firm's merger arbitrage and convertible arbitrage activities and a senior vice president in charge of merger arbitrage at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. Mr. Moore is also an adjunct professor of finance at New York University's Stern School of Business and an adjunct member of the faculty at the University of Rhode Island.

Praise for Risk Arbitrage An Investor's Guide

"Never in history have there been so many mergers and takeovers like those in the late '90s! Keith Moore's Risk Arbitrage: An Investor's Guide is the first systematic attempt to break the silence around the secrets of the investment and trading strategy that exploits these corporate restructurings: risk arbitrage. This is not just a book about the secrets of risk arbitrage but a real textbook and investor's guide on how to trade the risk arbitrage special situations and about the risk arbitrage industry including hedge funds." —Gabriel Burstein.

Head of Specialized Equity Sales and Trading

Daiwa Europe, London

"I am delighted that Keith Moore has been able to write a book describing the business of risk arbitrage in such a user-friendly way. This is a work that will prove useful to investors ranging from novices to professionals and should be especially helpful to those teaching finance courses at our colleges and universities. Congratulations, Keith, on accomplishing what noneof your predecessors could." —George A. Kellner CEO, Kellner, DiLeo & Co.

"This book fills a surprising void on the subject of arbitrage at a time that could not be more propitious. It is written clearly and comprehensively and should be helpful to all who are interested in the subject, regardless of experience." —Albert B. Cohen Albert B. Cohen Partners, LP.