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How I Trade for a Living

How I Trade for a Living

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If you are a trader or aspiring trader and the stock market is your thing, then this book is for you. It doesn't matter if your trading weapon of choice is individual stocks, mutual funds, equity or index options, stock index futures, or the index-based shares on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) such as the S&P Spiders or the Dow Diamonds. Regardless oi your preferred trading weapon, the challenge remains the same: being in synch with the rhythm and momentum of the market. The trading strategies and philosophies presented in How I Trade lor a Living will enable you to better understand price action to exploit that momentum.
How I Trade for a Living will detail as precisely as possible all the trading techniques I use to trade for a living. More than that, it will be a distillation of everything I have learned over a 33-year trading career- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I must be doing something right. After spending more years than I care to remember as a going-nowhere, break-even trader, everything finally fell into place for me. Since my trading awakening, I have methodically traded $2,200 into over $650,000 with virtually no losing months along the way.

Gary Smith.