The Biotech Investor's Bible

The Biotech Investor's Bible

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The complete guide to investing in the biotech industry

"Clear, never condescending, and with abundant references to biotech firms and their work in progress, The Biotech Investor’s Bible is a book that had to be written. Essential for the investor, fascinating even for armchair students of the industry, it’s a valuable reference, a guide to what is coming, and an irresistible read . . . it will be a definitive reference in the field."––Andrew Allentuck,

"The Biotech Investor’s Bible outlines sensibly and with balance the opportunities and challenges of an industry that will change our lives. A must read guide for the individual investor."––William A. Haseltine, Ph.D., Chairman, CEO, andFounder, Human Genome Sciences, Inc., Editor-in-chief, E-Biomed: The Journal of Regenerative Medicine

Investors with a practical understanding of biotechnology share a remarkable opportunity: the chance to invest in an industry on the threshold of tremendous growth. With the long-term potential to cure most major diseases and to revolutionize industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals and forestry, petrochemicals and agriculture, the possibilities for biotech––and its investors––are limitless.

The Biotech Investor’s Bible provides you with the strategies and proven techniques to reduce risk and increase returns, including:

  • The steps you must know in order to assess the biotech market •
  • A comprehensive look at 185 major biotech companies •
  • Guidelines to follow when planning your biotech portfolio •
  • An overview of the latest biotech therapies and breakthroughs •
  • Tips on how to find sound and promising companies in the sector •
  • An easy-to-understand introduction to the science and technology in the field •