The 25-Day Financial Makeover: A Practical Guide for Women

The 25-Day Financial Makeover: A Practical Guide for Women

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Do your finances need a complete makeover?

When you think of organizing and cleaning up your finances, you probably don't get giddy with excitement. More likely than not, you groan at the thought of the financial issues you've been trying to ignore, like your big credit card bills or your tiny savings account.

Written by a Wall Street Journal editor, The 25-Day Financial Makeover is a clear, practical guide to get your financial house in order. The 25-day plan just for women will rejuvenate yourfinances like a good makeover can revitalize your look. This accessible book includes advice on:

-paying down debt

-saving money for retirement

-cutting expenses

-sticking to a budget

-tithing and giving

-shopping smarter

-andmuch more!

God wants much more for you than a life of debt and money problems. With the help of The 25-Day Financial Makeover, you can learn how to make your money work for you.

Endorsements: "Written by a woman who knows the how-to's of effective financial management to women who need to know how they can better manage their own finances in a way that honors God. This highly readable and wonderfully helpful book delivers what it promises."--Marlene Bagnull Litt.D., Write His Answer Ministries,director, Colorado & Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conferences