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Integrated Technical Analysis

Integrated Technical Analysis

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Integrated Technical Analysis Technical Analysis is usually learned as a series of unconnected and often conflicting techniques. In this groundbreaking book, Ian Copsey demonstrates how a combination of Elliott Wave, cycles and momentum analysis can be integrated to provide a set of signals leading to more powerful forecasts. Both private and professional investors can have difficulty in selecting and synthesizing various technical tools. Integrated Technical Analysis shows how different ideas can be integrated on multiple time frames to enhance the overall process and provide a more solid forecasting platform. The author’s ideas have been developed over many years. Copsey’s knowledge of the markets and his trading experience ensures that the book abounds with practical trading examples, numerous charts and a down-to-earth view of market activity. A must read for anyone looking to broaden their conceptual knowledge of the subject and to fine-tune their analysis of the market. "There is a real lack of easily accessible and practical books on using Elliott Wave Theory in combination with basic technical analysis. The essential concept of the book is a valuable contribution to the subject. It also fills a void, in that it deals at length with practical aspects." —Colin Nicholson President Australian Technical Analysts Association