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The VC Way: Investment Secrets from the Wizards of Venture Capital

The VC Way: Investment Secrets from the Wizards of Venture Capital

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Investment secrets from the millionaire venture capitalists of Silicon Valley. Venture capital plays a significant role in launching the technologies that continue to redefine our work and life. Alongside the innovators who dream up the ideas, VCs contribute the tactical brainpower that fuels Silicon Valley. And it is through this process of high-stakes investing that unbelievable fortunes are made. The clubby world of big-bucks venture capital is of considerable interest to investors and entrepreneurs alike. The VC Way is the first book to take readers into this private world of extreme investing. For those who want to invest like the best, it reveals their unique strategies, sectors they are tracking, screens and criteria, best and worst investments, and how individuals can use the lessons they've learned. Packed with insider's advice and fascinating stories, The VC Way contains accounts from some of the most influential and noteworthy venture capitalists in business today--Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad, Neil Weintraub of 21st Century Internet, and dozens of others. The VC Way is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to match strategies with these master investors.