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1001 Advertising Tips

1001 Advertising Tips

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Written in how-to terms, 1001 Advertising Tips is a step-by-step guide to create advertising that sells. Using dozens of examples of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, it offers you the insight, tools and techniques you need to marketany product or service.

- The importance of positioning your product or service
- Creating high-impact illustrations
- Using layout and typeface to generate business
- Maximizing your results with repetition
- The impact of zapping on TV ads
- Color : what it can do for you
- Successful ways to write headlines and copy
- Eleven ways to make your advertising more credible
- Comparative advertising : when to use it
- Pricing : a powerful weapon
- Choice of key words in ads
- Contests & sweepstakes : pros and consz
- The power of corporate and brand logo
- When to use testimonials and endorsements
- What kinds of slogan are the most effective
- Choosing a produc! t name
- Advertising using 800 numbers
- Using promotion and sponsorship, and much more!

You will also find a collection of the most effective ads dominating the market in the past ten years.