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Psychology of Electronic Trading: The Power to Trade

Psychology of Electronic Trading: The Power to Trade

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“…. This is a book that should be of interest to anyone dealing in the equity, bond and any other financial market…. an important and timely book for any investors looking to the future.” - Mark Mobius, Managing Director, Templeton Emerging Markets Fund, Author of Passport to Profits and Mobius on Emerging Markets

“The Psychology of Electronic Trading is an engaging read. It is an excellent tool for traders and investors alike.” - David Gray, Director, International Business, Chicago Board Options Exchange

“There's a great deal more to electronic trading than many care to admit. Brendon Seeto bridges the gap between our natural tendencies in the face of risk, the "seven vices" of electronic trading, and the power of current systems. A fascinating read with valuable insight which will undoubtedly save somebody's bacon... if not their Pork Bellies position.” - Nick Bolton, Head, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Asia-Pacific

“Brendon Seeto's The Psychology of Electronic Trading will guide and help you survive and strive in the world of electronic trading. Written by a psychology graduate who has not only seen the market transit from open outcry to electronic platform but also involved in it, the book provides an overall view of how the three elements - yourself, your opponents (other traders) and the “warscape” (the electronic platform) interact and impact each other. Such an understanding will help you adopt a systematic approach to the markets and provide an impetus to reach greater heights and ultimately profitability.” - Paul Leo, Managing Editor, Chartpoint - Asia Pacific's First Technical Analysis Magazine Author of The Ultimate Technical Trading System