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Trade Like Jesse Livermore

Trade Like Jesse Livermore

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"Profits always take care of themselves but losses never do."
–Jesse Livermore

Jesse Livermore is considered by many to be the greatest stock trader who ever lived. He pocketed $3 million in a single day when he predicted the crash of 1907 and made $100 million as America rolled into the Depression. Although he began his career in 1892, the ideas and practices he displayed are as valid today as they were when he was first implementing them–and makingmillions.

In Trade Like Jesse Livermore, author and Livermore expert Richard Smitten explores the technical aspects of Livermore’s trading success, and shows you how to use these techniques to achieve the success Livermore once did. Smitten skillfully outlines Livermore’s methods of dealing with what he considered the three essentials of successful stock market trading: timing, money management, and emotional control.

Trade Like Jesse Livermore covers every aspect of Livermore’s trading principles and timing techniques, from discerning market behavior and trends such as top down and tandem trading to paying close attention to indicators such as one-day reversals and spikes. This book also explores Livermore’s money management strategies, including avoiding cheap stocks, establishing a profit target, and setting stops before trading.

With Trade Like Jesse Livermore as your guide, you can learn how to trade without fear or greed so you can begin to trade more profitably.