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Tax Policy and the Economy, Vol. 9

Tax Policy and the Economy, Vol. 9

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The Tax Policy and the Economy series presents new research bearing on the economic effects of taxation on economic performance and analyzing the effects of potential tax reforms. Research results are presented in a timely and accessible fashion and willbe of interest to tax practitioners and those involved in formulating tax policy.

Contents: The Earned Income Tax Credit and Transfer Programs: A Study of Labor Market and Program Participation · J. Karl Scholz, Stacy Dickert, and ScottHouser. Cigarette Taxation and the Social Consequences of Smoking · W. Kip Viscusi. A Major Risk Approach to Health Insurance Reform · Martin Feldstein and Jonathan Gruber. Have Tax Reforms Affected Investment? ·R. Glenn Hubbard, Jason Cummins, and Kevin Hassett. Taxation and Mutual Funds: An Investor Perspective · John Shoven and Joel M. Dickson.