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Millennium Stocks

Millennium Stocks

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Based on the latest research in the fields of management and investing, Millennium Stocks helps you build a stock portfolio that can exceed the return of most mutual funds, adjusted for risk. It presents a formula - developed by the author - that assistsyou in choosing great companies with a solid future.The author identifies the key criteria for stock selection and develops a table you can use to build a long-term, diversified portfolio with the desired risk-return profile. He also provides a list of 100 millennium stocks that exemplify the criteria and serve as excellent initial candidates.You will learn to:ochoose the stocks of powerful companiesocalculate the real value of a stockothe real value of technology stocksobuild a contrarian portfolioochoose your own risk and reward with a diversified portfolioUsing Millennium Stocks you can match or beat the return of mutual funds and build a better portfolio.